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Handmade Ventures is led by Isaac Babbs, a registered FINRA investment banker with over 30 years of executive operating experience in successful software/technology companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Alias Research, Silicon Graphics, Macromedia, Glu Mobile, Atlas Mobile, Qualcomm, and Millennial Media.



Handmade provides a full range of sell-side M&A advisory and investment banking services. We have extensive experience working with B2B/D2C software/SaaS companies in the following verticals: enterprise, non-traditional enterprise, digital media/video, AR, authoring tools, data analytics, AI, CAE, 3D graphics, Proptech, fitness, Fintech, e-commerce, all things mobile, mobile games, cybersecurity, location services, autonomous vehicles, and AdTech among many.  Handmade gets involved companies at any stage ranging from start-ups to large enterprises and private equity-backed companies in the software/SaaS space. Our business includes investment banking, executive advising, and angel investing. We help founders/companies with:

  • Raising capital

  • Managing the sell side M & A and due diligence processes to successful closure

  • Identifying and approaching potential acquirers

  • Preparing a confidential information memorandum/presentation

  • Raising additional capital or helping you sell your company

  • Staying by your side through to closing

Our Sell-Side M&A Process

We follow a thorough, industry-leading procedure to ensure you get the best value for your business:

  1. Valuation discussions: We meet with you to discuss your desired value and deal structure, building a foundation for a valuation analysis that results in the most accurate asking price.

  2. Industry and buyer research: We spend countless hours learning about the top buyers in your industry, using advanced technology to assist us in the process.

  3. Marketing: We conduct targeted marketing campaigns and provide routine progress reports.

  4. Offer selection: We secure competitive offers from a diverse buyer pool, leading to enhanced multiples and top enterprise value.

  5. Due diligence: We work with your other advisors, providing thorough, timely vetting so you can move forward with confidence.

  6. Closing: We negotiate the most favorable deal terms and ensure a successful closing process.

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